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Here at Bontoft engines we are always looking for new ways to help engines run at their best.

This needle adjuster will allow your driver to find the best carb settings. A great time saver and training tool. 

Can be used on the Hi or Low needle. 

Hi and Low needle settings and their relationship to one another are of upmost importance in getting the best performance out of your engine.

Our suggestion would be to dial in different low needle settings and attach the adjuster to the Hi needle, send the kart out rich on the Hi and let the driver bring the needle into tune to make the engine run smooth at high revs on a long straight. Once your happy remove the adjuster by slackenning the lock screw being carefull not to disturb the needle settings. 

Also very useful for adjusting for different track atmopheric conditions.


This is a practice and training tool only !

Not legal to run on race days

Price  £19.50 ( 1 adjuster with sticker) 
           £35.00 ( 2 adjusters with sticker)
             £2.50 ( Angry Bee sticker only)
Price incudes shipping within the UK
Please call to order
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