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Cameron Crockett

Name : Cameron Crockett

Age 8

Town : Poole

 Cameron started bambino karting in 2014 at aged 6 due to his grandfathers love of motorsports. He lives in Somerset with his mum, step dad & two younger sisters. His other interests include minecraft, canoeing, swimming & chess. He has a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD and so mostly struggles with socialising, some speech & language difficulties and poor concentration. Cameron has developed a love of go-karting and we have found it has helped him socialise with boys his own age that have a similar interest and he feels accepted in a world that normally he is singled out. The karting community is his second family and has been lovely to watch him develop friendships and have a topic to talk about passionately with his peers. It has improved his self confidence and he is very proud that he is a 'racing driver'. Rather that sat in his bedroom on his own, playing on an x-box- he is outside, on the track having fun driving and also having some bonding time with
 his step-dad and granddad.  It has helped him learn valuable life skills, enabling him to concentrate and listen to instructions and follow the rules & regulations of the kart track. We have watched his driving skills progress over the last few years and now looking forward to started cadets in 2016.'

Thanks for your hard work this year :-) much appreciated!!!

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