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Alex Keens

Name - Alex Keens

Age - 12

Town - Liphook

Kart/Engine - Zip Eagle/Bontoft Iame Gazelle

Alex has been driving karts since the age of 6, practising at Camberley and Forest Edge before racing properly at the age of 8 in Comer Cadet. An interest in football meant he didn't race that much in the early years and it wasn't until 2014 that he started racing regularly at more than one circuit.

A chance meeting with Mike in 2014 transformed his engines and enabled Alex to start running at the front half of the grid.

Career highlights so far apart from numerous club race wins are 3rd in 2014 Club Championship at Camberley Kart Club, Runner Up in the 2015 Roy Mortara, 3rd in the 2015 Southwest Champs at Dunkeswell (After starting from the back!) and 2015 Iame Club Champion at Clay Pigeon Kart Club.

Alex has one more year in Cadets so onwards and upwards for 2016!

Alex at Forest Edge

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